Poe is a blue fawn pied. He's the largest of his litter of 3 and definitely on the rowdy side.

How much time is required?

You can put as much time or as little time into practicing the techniques that you will learn in the course. Ideally, you would learn one module a day and then turn each module into a daily practice however it fits into your life.

How fast can I expect to see results?

You can see shifts even just after the first module.

Do I need any extra products or supplies to use this course?

Nope. Everything is included in this course.

Does this course replace therapy or other psychological based services?

No. This course is not meant to treat or diagnose any conditions and should be used as educational/informational material.

Can this be accessed without the internet?

This course must be accessed via internet, however you can download the audio and worksheets which you can use anywhere! Even without internet!

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You have 7 days from purchase date where you can return this course. No questions asked. If you find that this course is not for you, you can return it within the 7 day window.

Can my kids join me in the learning?

YES! In fact, it is encouraged! Imagine if you learned these skills at a young age! :)

What if I have a diagnosable condition such as anxiety/depression/etc.?  Would this course still be effective for me?

This course can be effective for anyone. This course is not meant to treat or diagnose any conditions and should not be used as such.

If I am a member of The Enhance Clinic, is this included in my membership?

Yes! All courses are included!




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Blue Fawn Pied


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